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Production calculator

This is the manufacture calculator for the ships, modules and items of Eve Online Universe . Choose blueprint interesting you (reactions and schemes while are inaccessible) and to you will show quantity of materials demanded for item manufacturing with given blueprint. If you wish to look other blueprint - refresh page.


It is the additional blueprints list which will be necessary for item construction. The column "Quantity" shows how many components are required to construct under the given blueprint, you can zero it if do not wish to make the given kind of components. Column ME this property of the drawing "Material Efficiency". Edit the values ​​in table by double clicking on entry.


This is the list of primitive materials necessary for item construction and its components. It considers blueprint's ME and counts that you have ideal manufacturing skills. The prices for materials are taken from the solar system "Jita" market. Edit the values ​​in table by double clicking on entry.

This calculator is given "as is". It yet does not consider that some materials not spent or spent partially (RAM for example). If you find an error write on in native language for you.